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To all my friends and colleagues at Nokia, my contribution

Without a doubt many of you have read the news about Nokia taking Windows Phone 7 as their main Smartphone platform.

That decision by Nokia has a tremendous impact in my local software community: Finland. Nokia mobile phones (as it was known before) has always been a major employer of software development professionals in Finland where I live. It is expected that this decision will significantly reduce the number of software professionals that Nokia employs. This is nothing short of a blow to the local software community. However, this is not a tragedy. Far from it. Ironically there's never been a better time for software professionals in Finland. Many industries are adopting software as a key part of their products. From forestry to fleet management to network elements to health care, you name it.

This is why I've decided to start posting interesting software related job opportunities. I want this to be about the software industry globally, not just Finland. But, of course also about opportunities in Finland. If you are interested in posting the openings you have in this blog just drop me a line at SoftwareDevelopmentToday@gmail.com. Here's what you can gain:

This blog is read weekly by ~200 and monthly by ~790 unique visitors, from mostly Finland, United States, United Kingdom, India and Brazil. As this is a blog for software professionals, you will be reaching people that are already in this industry, but better yet you will be reaching early adopters who are interested in improving the way software is developed. This can be a competitive advantage for your company!

NOTE: i will not charge for these posting but I do reserve the right to select which ones I post, so make them interesting and as buzzword free as possible. Remember you are reaching a crowd that already knows a lot about software development, you want to focus on making your job opening as enticing as possible interesting for this crowd.

If you are looking for fresh new opportunities you get a filtered list of job openings. I'll personally read all of the posts and contact the companies to make sure they are legit and not just a fake interesting post.

So, I hope this is a contribution to the next career path for all my friends and industry colleagues at Nokia. I wish you the best of luck!

Photo Credit: streetart @ flickr

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